TV­  Banking

One of the useful and advantageous services offered on this infrastructure is Banking Services.Familiarity of a large public and its usage of Electronic Banking services provided through Diverse and different infrastructures is a known fact and offering same services by TV‐Banking Using a simple remote control from home and on the home TV screen is another capability of ip Media® that allows not only ease of use but also safe and secured interaction distinguishing it from other methods.In TV Banking, subscriber may select the bank on which s/he has an account and all facilities Offered by the bank are made available on this infrastructure removing the necessity to going to  the  bank  or  even  connecting  to  the  Internet  and  accessing  the  bank  Internet  portal.Because  of  the  centralized  information  structure  in  the  central  kernel  and  information Interconnections that are available through the country based on Iran Telecom infrastructure, Any update on central kernel is immediately propagated to all sections in telecom centers Across the country. Also considering that Ip Media® is separated from the traditional Internet Network and because it is fully supporting the HTTPS protocol, online banking operations may be  safely  and  securely  performed  from  this  system  and  without  using  any  computer Connected to the Internet that are constantly under threats of hackers.