Pardakht Electronic Behestan Co. (PEBCO), manufacturer and supplier of various equipment and devices with the Representation of the company Valcretec South Korea, newest devices aimed at improving efficiency and facilitating cash financial processes offers.

Top quality
The best equipment and facilities suitable for Iranian banks, and the goal will be achieved with this device.

Based on the best technology and a deep understanding of what consumers are looking for.

Unique design features
- Beautifully designed , simple, low seat and user-friendly
- Take advantage of all the public and private commercial
- Ability to modify the user interface

General Features
- Functionality, quality and performance
- Quality, technical specifications and reasonable price
- Consume less power
- Touch slim and very beautiful

Technical characteristics:
- has a touch scree
- protected against water and dust intrusion (IP66)
- Protecting communication cables
- A Fan less PC
- The basic design firm
- Magnetic card reader
- Reader AMART
- Supports Win7, Win8, Win POS Ready2009
- 3 screens
- The customer display with two choices
- Connects to a variety of peripherals
- Best-selling device in development countries

Peripheral Device:

  • 1- Thermal Receipt Printer
  • 2- Scanner
  • 3- Cash Drawer
  • 4- Data logic
  • 5- Programmable Keyboard